Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Two Months Old...One Month at Home

Millie is officially two months old.  While I would like to think we were a family that remembered to take one of those cute pictures each month, we actually are not that family.  But, luckily we have lots of other pictures to mark the occasion.

Things here have been going well.  After a pretty scary first sickness, Millie seems to finally be on the mend.  The cold turned into a pretty nasty cough that had us at the doctor's office three times in less than a week.  She needed a nebulizer treatment and the doctor told us if her breathing got worse, she would need to go to the ER for another treatment.  Boy, did I freak out.  The next day I even made Carla come home from work because I convinced myself that she wasn't breathing correctly.  As soon as Carla got home, I handed Millie to her and I dropped to the floor in a semi-fetile position and just cried.  I insisted that I was not cut out to be a mother because I was too prone to irrational worrying.  Well, in spite of my melt-down, Millie went back to her normal happy self after a few days and while she has the lingering symptoms of a cold and cough, she is no longer making me worry every second of the day (for now).

While she was sick, all Millie really want to do was sleep.  And the only place she wanted to sleep was in someone's arms.  Now even though she was pretty miserable, she continued to be the cutest thing.  Here are some of the many sleeping positions of our dear little Millie.

Sleeping on Mama.  
Mama learning to eat while holding a sleeping baby.  
Mommy's turn to hold sleeping Millie.  
Soon everyone needed to nap. 
Frankie had to get in on the action.
And then Frankie took over watching the sleeping baby.  We knew she was feeling better when she was willing to nap in something other than our arms.

Luckily, the worst of Millie's sickness passed and she was back to her normal happy self.  Here are some pictures of what she has been up to

Millie has been ordered to complete more tummy time each day (more on that later).  These doctors are not messing around! Here she is on her tummy, enjoying her favorite book.  
Happy Millie once again!

Don't worry, she is still not tired of her favorite toy. 

Here's Frankie learning who is really boss in the house now. 

And here is Frankie joining in with Carla and Millie for some group tummy time.
Millie's room is filling up nicely. While the room is still not used for sleeping, there is a lot of eating and rocking taking place in here. 
And because I just can't help myself, here's Millie in video form.  The first one is Millie in her happiest of moods.

The reason for this extreme happiness? That's right...black and white dots!

And finally here are the kinds of conversations that now occur in our household...

So that's the update.  Things are going well.  We took Millie to her 2 month check-up yesterday.  She looks good according to the doctor.  Her wheezing is gone and she is no longer contagious.  She gained an excellent amount of weight and continues to grow.  She got a round of shots, that she did NOT at all enjoy, but luckily she woke up this morning feeling good again.  Our only small words of caution, as I mentioned earlier, is that she needs a bit more tummy time as she is beginning to get a flat head in back.  Now of course, I fixated on this bit of news and convinced myself I was a terrible mother who was already ruining my child.  Thanks to a calm wife and a wise mother, I am feeling better about this today.  I am constantly amazed at just how incompetent motherhood can make me feel.  I am learning to take it all in stride, but it was a part of being a mother I just wasn't prepared for.  

So starting today, we are getting serious about this tummy time.  Well, okay, right now Millie is happily napping in her swing, but I promise, as soon as she wakes up we are getting back to business! 


  1. She's adorable! what a wonderful smile!

  2. She is just so cute! And one thing about tummy time, if she gives you guff (Edie was never a fan): if she's on you on her tummy, it counts. We always had better luck being face to face than flopping her on the floor.
    Also, those shoe socks crack me up.

    1. Thank you for that! Today, we had an Edie inspired tummy time. I am pretty sure Millie was thankful for the suggestion. She lasted about a minute longer before turning on the water works, but hey, I will take that minute happily!