Sunday, December 9, 2012

Feeling Good

It feels like much of this adoption process is spent working my way back to feeling good.  Each time we are presented, and each time we are told we were not chosen, there are feelings of such disappointment.  It turns our whole world upside down and then we have to work our way back to feeling right side up again.

I feel like we have officially worked our way back to feeling good.  We are back to feeling right side up.  And all I know is that I am going to make absolutely sure that I enjoy these good moments while they last.  Who knows what is ahead of us.  There is no way to tell how long this calm will last, so all I can do is enjoy it while it is here and that is what we are both working hard to make sure that we do.

This weekend was wonderful.  We spent time celebrating Hanukkah with family.  We celebrated the first birthday of our very close friend's son.  We went to a wonderful art show and bought some amazing pieces of art for our home.  We are now sitting at home, working on our latest project.  We are attempting to create a collage of photo frames containing pictures of our family members to go on the wall up our stairway.  It has been so fun picking out photos and searching for the perfect frames to use in the collage.  I love that we have been able to fill our home with so many things that speak of who Carla and I are.  Having an entire wall dedicated to our family, will certainly add to that.

This is how we know we are back to a good place.  We are able to live our lives as they are right now, instead of just being consumed with how we wish they could be.  We are able to focus on the things that are right in front of us while we wait for the things that aren't here quite yet.  I have learned to love these times and these moments and be thankful each time I find myself truly able to live in the moment.

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  1. how are you picking the photos? I SO want to have a family photo wall once our house is finished (we're doing a big remodel soon) but I find the idea of choosing from so many possibilities daunting. Are you including only brothers and sisters? Cousins? Really old pictures? And I'm glad you're feeling good again! Adding the adoption stuff on top of the holidays is definitely a lot of potential stress!