Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Power of Vulnerability

A few months ago, someone suggested to me that I watch and read the work of a woman named Brene Brown.  I did. And it was amazing.  The first thing of hers that I watched was the following TED talk that she gave: 

What I connected with the most was Brene's message of how people who live a whole hearted life are people who allow themselves to be vulnerable.  This was kind of a profound thought for me.  I am someone who prefers not to appear vulnerable.  Ever.  I hate when people see me struggle.  I hate the mere idea that someone might think that there is something that I don't know how to do or that I am not good at.  In fact, if I even think that I might not be able to do something, I either refuse to attempt it or make a joke out of how bad at it I am so that no one will think that I am really trying and not able to do it.

What Brene Brown says really resonates with me.  If we do not allow ourselves to be vulnerable, then we will never do the very things in life that might one day bring us the most joy.  I remind myself of this on the days when the waiting is the hardest.  I know that this struggle is a choice.  We have chosen to go through this.  We could have very easily stayed happily in our certain world, without a child.  But we didn't.  We decided we wanted to adopt a child and we therefore decided to put ourselves in a position to struggle.  We are choosing this struggle and I know that it will ultimately bring us to the most rewarding happiness that we have ever known.  That certainly doesn't make any of it easier, but it does help remind me that being vulnerable often leads towards happiness and it makes it all seem so very worthwhile.

Anyway, I thought that I would share her talk with the rest of you.  If you have some time, give it a listen.  She is truly amazing and I think that most people would be able to connect to the things that she says.

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