Saturday, April 13, 2013

If only they knew, then they would know...

Sometimes, I wish that the people who angrily speak out against gay and lesbian families raising children could read the blogs that I read.  Because then they might know.  They might know the incredibly, unending, bottomless amounts of love that these gay and lesbian families are pouring into creating families.  If only they knew how much love was going into creating these families, then they would know the incredible amounts of love that will be going into raising these children.  Because families who go through as much as these families have gone through will cherish their children and never do anything to allow harm to come to them. And that just can just never be wrong.

One of the greatest parts of this blog for me has been the access that it has provided me into other families' stories.  I have followed these families on their journey's towards becoming parents and in being parents.  I have read as they have shared tremendous and great news and I have also read as they have shared difficult and crushing news.  And lately the hard news has been overwhelming.  And yet, these women (and men, though I must admit that most of the stories I read are those of lesbian headed families) keep on going.  These women keep on fighting to create families. These women who have been through heart breaking loss, still have love in their hearts and refuse to give up on the dream of being parents.

Recently, the women over at .breaking into blossom. lost the baby that they had so lovingly been carrying.  They have already been through more loss than any one family should have to go through and yet they remain these incredible pillars of strength and inspiration. They have showed so many of us how to raise a child with incredible amounts of pure, pure love and they are examples of kindness that we can all benefit from.

Earlier this year, the women at What Words May Come also lost their second child at four months of pregnancy.  And again, they carried on.  After the loss of their first child, they took time to regroup, regrow their spirits, find themselves again and then they just kept on going.  They have provided this incredible inspiration to so many people and they have more love coursing through their family than most people are lucky enough to find.

And one of the most heartbreaking and beautiful stories I have read comes from In Search of Gaybies. The writer of this blog is so so so very brave to share the emotions that she has shared in such a raw and powerful way.  Her blog has given me incredible insight into what it is like to lose a child during pregnancy.  And now she is trying again.  I am in awe of her strength.

I am in awe of all of these stories and so many other stories as well.  I am in awe of the women who live these stories and the strength that they possess.  And it makes my blood truly boil to think that there are people out there who somehow think that what these women are doing, that what we are all doing, is wrong.  And I think that if the people who have a problem with gay and lesbian couples raising children took the time to learn the lives of these women, they would know that there is everything exactly right with what we are all doing.

If only they knew the loss that they faced and the way they were able to carry on with love, then they would know that these are exactly the kinds of people who should be raising children.

If only they knew that these families were more resilient and more filled with strength than I could ever imagine, then they would know just how perfectly made these families are to have a child.

If only they knew the tests of love and strength that these families have already been through, then they would know that there wasn't anything that these families wouldn't be able to handle.

If only they knew the lessons that we could all learn from these families, then they would know how valuable families led by gay and lesbian couples really are.

If only they knew the power that these families posses to love and nurture a child in the most incredible ways, then they would know what a disgrace it is to ever say anything negative about them or about any of us or to ever ever doubt the love we can provide to our children.

So if only they knew families like us, then they would know how very wrong they were.

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