Saturday, April 6, 2013


I crave routine.  Sometimes, I like to pretend that I am someone who does not need a plan.  That I like being spontaneous and that the adventure of not knowing what is ahead is something that I find exciting.  Truth is, I do best when things are predictable and I know what to expect.  Hence, my love of routine.  Even in my classroom, I never feel quite right until we have established our daily routines and both the kids and I know what to expect each day.

This week has been the very first week where I have been able to catch a brief glimpse of the routine that our little family might settle into.  I am not talking about things like napping schedules and sleep schedules, because lord knows there is nothing routine about those things yet.  I am just talking about our daily schedules.  For so long, it seemed like each day brought a different plan and a different routine and we were never quite sure how the next day was going to go.

But this week, this wonderful thing started to happen.  It started to feel like we really could do this.  It started to feel like this could really be our lives.  And, most importantly to me, things have started to fall into a somewhat regular routine. The feeling of our new normal has been delightful and I am just happy that it has started to arrive.

Monday, I went back to work after being on Spring Break.  This meant that Millie was off to day care for the first time.  Since I leave earlier in the morning, Carla was in charge of dropping her off.  Monday was tough.  Really tough.  Multiple times throughout the day, I decided that I would have to quit my job because I just couldn't do this day care thing.  I convinced myself that we had left her in something similar to a Russian orphanage and that no one w as playing with or talking to her.  I rushed out of school at the end of the day and sped my way to Millie's daycare. I walked in and Millie was happily sitting on the teacher's lap playing with a bright orange ball.  Carla and I both admitted that we may have overreacted just a smidgen to Millie being in day care.  The truth is, once I let myself adjust to it, I feel really great about the day care we chose.  The kids look happy every time I walk in there and the teachers already speak with love about Millie.  So by the end of the week, I reassured myself that I could continue working and things would still be okay.

So Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Millie was at daycare.  I would leave super early for work, get as much as possible done and then be ready to leave work as soon as possible at the end of the day.  Carla would drop Millie off in the morning and I picked her up in the afternoon.  On Thursday and Friday, Millie was home with Carla and it was a delight hearing about the quality time they spent together.  On Thursday, Millie and her Mama went to the zoo together and while I was sad to miss out, I was so happy to know they were having such a good time together.  On Friday, they took an attempted trip with my sister and nephew to the aquarium which turned out to be full. And so the day turned instead into a nice long drive and some lunch.  A small disappointment, but still a cute day.  And now it's my turn to be home with Millie for the weekend.  I am more than looking forward to these two days and love just being able to watch her as she takes her morning nap.

So that was the week.  And I can more than handle it.  This is a routine. This is good.  I am so excited that we can actually feel how this is all going to work.  I am starting to really feel settled in to this new life and our new family.  I know that these are the earliest stages of normalcy and routine.  I know that these things will change and there will be unexpected bumps and turns, but for now, I will take joy in these moments of routine and hope for them to continue smoothly.

And now...a video.  Millie has started to laugh.  Really laugh.  I was so happy to capture this on video and will now share this delightful sound with you all. Enjoy...

And here are a few pictures of the past week's activities...

Millie with her Mama, visiting day care the week before her first real day there.

Millie was a big supporter of marriage equality during the big Supreme Court cases last week. 

Millie and her Auntie Jen. 
My first trip with Millie to the bookstore.  She picked out two new books using just her smile.

Millie falling asleep in her Zayde's arms. 
Sometimes, she sleeps like this and I love it!

Family bonding.

Fresh out of the bath and looking all snuggly


  1. It's nice once you start to get into a rhythm, for sure! Are you always going to be off on opposite schedules, or do you overlap at all?

  2. Glad to hear that you're settling into a routine. I definitely find that they make the hard work of parenting more manageable.
    And I love the picture of Millie asleep with her hands above her head--yay for squirmy sleepy babies!