Thursday, September 8, 2011

Feeling the Love

I am completely overwhelmed.  Not because of my current group of students (though they are pushing me to my utmost limits of patience) and not because no matter how early I seem to get into work, I can't quite get myself ready for the day ahead, and not even because we have two weddings to plan before the end of October.  No, I am not overwhelmed in that kind of way.  I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of love that I have felt today.

Yesterday, I mentioned that Carla and I were going to be sharing our story on a fantastic website called "It's Conceivable."  As the blog post went up yesterday, I sent the link to my family so that they could check it out.  And because my sister is the most supportive sister in the world, she liked the blog on Facebook.  Before I knew it, I received an email from a close college friend who saw the blog on my sister's page and that is when I realized that now was the moment to tell all those closest to me about our plans before they came across it on Facebook!

And so, I quickly wrote some emails to some friends to share the big news and then pass them along to the blog.  And then, since the cat was most definitely out of the bag, Carla and I both posted the blog to our Facebook pages.  And so began all that overwhelmed me.

I have always known that I have been incredibly lucky to be surrounded by the most amazing people.  When I came out, I never had to doubt that I would loose family or friends.  Every decision that I have made in my life has been completely supported by the amazing people who are around me.  However, sometimes it is easy to forget just how much love I am surrounded by.  As soon as people found out, there were just the most amazing words of excitement and support.  It continued throughout the day and I am now sitting here at the end of my day, simply in awe of the people in my life.

In this moment, I completely believe that no matter how hard things get as we start the adoption process and as we go through the many ups and downs that are ahead of us, there is going to be this amazing circle of friends and family who are just going to be there to carry us through.  So, if you are a part of that circle, then please know that I thank you.  With all of my heart.  Know that I am thankful to have such loving and amazing people surround me and I am so glad that I can begin to share all of this with you.

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  1. And thank *you* for sharing this journey with us all. I look forward to reading about it - I've already subscribed! Hopefully before too long you'll be able to start a parenthood blog. =)