Wednesday, March 28, 2012

12 Items and Counting

Well, here I am on spring break.  I mostly have a week full of wonderful nothing planned for my break. So far it has been incredibly delightful.  I feel caught up on things that I have not felt caught up on in a lifetime.  I have had time to see family and friends and enjoy just being home.

After a couple of days of just hanging out, I decided to make today a get things done kind of day.  So this morning, I took out the ole adoption checklist.  Slowly, but surely, we have continued to check items off of the list.  It is amazing how long this initial stage is taking us, but I feel as if with each checked item, we are becoming a bit more prepared for what lies ahead.  I was able to check a few more things off the list today that simply required putting things that we already had into the pile or printing off some things from on-line.  After checking off the newest items, I realized that we are now down to 12 items left on the checklist.  I have no idea how many items we started with, but I can guarantee you that it was a whole lot more than twelve.

Some of the big items left are safety plans for our home, a hand-drawn fire evacuation plan, a health form, and some other items that I have to ask our counselor about because I have no idea what they are.  We are getting there.  We are now enrolled for our last two classes and will be emailing our counselor soon to set-up her home visit.

On Friday we will take care of another big item on the check-list.  We must submit records that show that our pets are up to date on their shots.  For the dog, this is no problem.  She is a good two years ahead of needing more shots.  The cats are another story.  Furby (the little one) is not really a problem as she is up to date and only needs the next round.  Jellybean is kind of a rebel.  She hates the vet.  She hates the vet so much that she is willing to let us know just how unhappy she is by pooping in her crate on the way to the vet.  You get the picture.  Well, on Friday, we are sucking it up and going to the vet.  We have no choice.  Carla and I are both taking the cats as this is most definitely a two person job.  I even brought a brand new cat carrier for the occasion.  I am hoping that this one won't have any traumatic memories associated with it.  I have even put the new carrier out and scattered salmon flavored treats inside, in hopes that will entice her to enter and fall in love with the new carrier.  Sure our bedroom now smells of salmon, but in my eyes that is a small price to pay.  So as of Friday (provided we all make it safely to the vet and back) all of our furry pets will be caught up on their shots and we will have the necessary records to submit to the adoption agency.

It's crazy what we are willing to do to get this home study completed.  I truly don't think that there is anything that they could ask of us that would make me want to stop the process at this point.  So I will keep filling out forms and creating plans to safely evacuate our home in case of a fire and I will do it all knowing that at some point this part will be over and then the waiting will begin.

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