Friday, March 30, 2012

Everyone is Up to Date

In case anyone happened to be wondering, the cats are now legit!  They are both up to date on all their shots and they were both champs at the vet.  No one pooped in their carriers this time and in fact, we found Jellybean sleeping in her new carrier once we got home from the vet.  Real progress.

So that's one more item to check off the list, which brings us down to 11. Yay!

I dropped off a bunch of paperwork at The Cradle this afternoon along with the next check.  I then promptly emailed our counselor to try and schedule our home visit.  I want to make sure that this part gets done before our final class and I figured that means I should try and schedule it now.

I am not so freaked out about the home visit.  I am proud of our home and know that we are good on things like fire stuff (after a fairly large trip to home depot).  I kind of get the sense that mostly they are looking for fire alarms in the right spot and a place for a baby to live.  I already confessed to our counselor that I am nervous about the behavior of our two-year-old lab mix.  Those of you who know Frankie know that she is not the calmest dog you have ever met.  But luckily she has gotten way better in the past few months and has even been allowed to mingle with guests when they come over!  So I am looking forward to getting the home visit schedule because in my mind that gets us one step closer to the end of the paper work stage.

As you might have been able to sense, I am getting antsy about this phase of the process.  I feel like we have been meeting requirements forever now (thought it has only really been five months).  I am ready to be in the waiting pool and let the wait time begin.  Though, I am sure once I am in the waiting pool, I will long for the days when we had some control over how quickly things were going.  Oh my!

I suppose that's it for now.  It's a good thing that I am going back to work on Monday.  Too much time to think only leads to unnecessary worrying!

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