Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Story of a Stool

This is why I love my wife.

This past weekend, Carla and I did some major shopping.  In general, we both hate shopping, so this had the potential to be a large-scale disaster.  However, the day turned out to be both enjoyable and productive.  We headed back to our old neighborhood in the city and spent the morning and early afternoon walking up and down the main street, stopping in multiple shops to try and finish up as many presents as we could for our nephews and niece.

As we were walking past an antique furniture store, we passed a small, old, yellow stool.  As soon as we walked by it, it caught my eye.  I pulled Carla back and told her how cute I thought it would be in our nursery.  She agreed, we stared at it for awhile and then headed into the next store.  In the next store, we found a few things we decided to buy.  We are putting together a photo frame collage of family photographs in our stairwell and we found two picture frames that we thought would be perfect. I was finished up paying for the picture frames and Carla headed outside with the rest of our bags.

As soon as I finished paying, I walked outside to find Carla and didn't see her anywhere.  I looked up and down the street and decided to check in the antique furniture store we had passed.  I walked inside and saw her right away.  She was at the counter, buying me my stool.  She had this huge smile on her face and it immediately melted my heart.  Carla told me that when I pointed out the stool, she was able to picture our child sitting on it, reading a book and she knew we needed to have it.  There are so many reasons that I love Carla, but this is just such a perfect example of the kindness that is in her heart.  Every time I look at my little, yellow stool I will remember just how much I am loved and just how much Carla will love our child one day.

We walked the stool back to the car and as soon as we got home, the stool found its place in our nursery.  And there it will wait, until one day there is a child there to sit on it and read a book.


  1. Very sweet, and it looks just perfect in the nursery. :)

  2. Lovely! But teach good commuting ettiquette early--that giraffe is clearly poised to read over their shoulder, and possibly needs a telling off...

  3. I love that little stool almost as much as I love the story of Carla getting it for you. Just so you know, there's a "frog" stool waiting at our house for our future grandchild that happens to be the one I made for you when you were a young girl and have saved all this time. Love, Mom